“Quickie” Course Overview & Rescue


Should you need, for any unfortunate reason, to quit the course, YOU MUST NOTIFY  THE AID STATION CAPTAIN & RADIO OPERATOR at one of the major aid stations, Plum Canyon, Stage Coach Saddle, or Blair Valley aid stations. 

Water Drop locations are unable to provide transportation or communication.  If you find yourself "on the bubble" or worse, be mindful of your ability and strength to reach the next major aid station, before heading back out on the course!  FAILURE TO NOTIFY, could needlessly put SEARCH & RESCUE TEAMS to work on securing your safety, or your PURSE $$$$$$.


The entire course consists of 3 legsRed leg, White leg, Blue leg.   Red leg is marked with red ribbons!  Red leg is for all runners, and for both events the red leg is your first & last 1.5 miles.  At the most distant end of red leg, 1.5 miles from the start, the White leg is a left turn ONLY for 50K runners.   The 30K runners will make a right turn at this same location, and begin the Blue leg.

White leg is "announced" by a saturation of numerous white ribbons.  50K folks turn left

Blue leg is "announced" with a saturation of blue ribbons. 30K folks turn right.

The white leg and the blue leg are marked with chalk and with ORANGE ribbons all along their respective routes.

Red Ribbon Leg (1):  This short, red leg is the first & the last 1 1/2 miles for all runners in both events.

Red Ribbon leg begins at the Lodge and leads ALL runners 1/2 mile out of campground, across HWY S-2, plus one more mile out into the desert on a wide, sandy road.  At this location, the California Riding & Hiking Trail crosses the sandy road.  At this trail crossing, the White Ribbon Leg is a LEFT turn (north).  At this same intersection, the Blue Ribbon Leg is a RIGHT turn (south).  Continuing on the wide sandy road past the White & Blue ribbon turns, could take you on to Yuma, Arizona! 

 White Leg:  50K Runners are the only runners allowed on the White Leg.

50K runners turn left onto the California Riding & Hiking Trail (single track trail) beginning their White Leg.  Run 6.5 miles out, turn around at Plum Canyon Aid station, then 6.5 miles back.  Of this 13 total mile White  leg, 10 miles is single track, 3 miles is jeep road.

 Blue Leg: 

30K runners turn right onto the California Riding & Hiking Trail (single track trail).     50K runners begin this same Blue Leg after completing their White Leg.   When 50K  runners have completed their White Leg, they go STRAIGHT ACROSS the wide, sandy road of Red Ribbon Leg, to begin their Blue Leg.  The Blue  leg is a 7.5 mile out, turn around at Blair Valley Aid Station,  then 7.5 mile back.  Of this 15 mile Blue leg, 13 miles is jeep road, and 2 miles single track.

Red Ribbon Leg (2):   ALL RUNNERS return from Blue Leg to the wide sandy road of Red Ribbon Leg.  Turn left onto Red Ribbon wide sandy road, and run back to the start/finish 1.5 final miles.

ELEVATION DATA 50K                      Total elevation gain/loss 50K course:  2,555 feet.  

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ELEVATION DATA 30K                       Total elevation gain/loss 30K course:   1,029 feet

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