Larry Pustinger,  aka "Geezer", (due to having run ultras in four decades), wished to give a bit back the wonderful community of Ultra Running and to Shelter Valley, California, which has become  home in my retirement!  Both of these worlds continue to bring the kind of joy to my life which puts "pep in my step"!  Having said all that, it gives a bit of insight into my personal motivation for having undertaken the creation of Old West Trails.  But old Geezer is slowing down with each passing season...and recently set out 'prospecting' for someone who BREATHES the spirit of the old west.....

EUREKA! The gold strike which was discovered is MATTHEW MEIKLEJOHN.  Matt is a highly talented & experienced trail runner...and more importantly, Matthew is a most fantastic human!   He defines joy and leadership!  Matt is taking over the "reins" as the Wagon Master of Old West.  Matt comes to the task with far more energy and skill than Geezer ever mustered, even back when Geezer wore a younger man's clothes. 

Geezer looks forward to serving as one of Matt's loyal scouts, and knows that our guests will enjoy a greatly enhanced experience as they  "Trod the Trails of Old Anza Borrego".

Shelter Valley is surrounded by 600,000 acres of Anza Borrego Desert State Park.  At 2400 ft. elevation, the weather is a pleasant blending between the heights of the nearby mountains, and the sea level basin of the Colorado Desert a few miles easterly.  It's a magic, year around place to both live and play.

Matthew & Geezer can be reached at     racedirectoroldwesttrails50k@gmail.com   

We look forward to a week end of joyous adventure with you, and your family & friends! 

Happy Trails & Keep Safe Out There!